Developing Your Warrior Within!



We are currently reviewing applicants at this time, and our plans are to have a minimum of 6 leaders by Summer 2018 before we begin our training curriculum.

If you have an interest and the heart to join  our program as a Senior Warrior, go to our Contact page and submit.


Detric Brown Joins the Warrior Team!

Wow! What an amazing talent and a passionate heart, and most importantly, a Great Friend!

DB brings a powerful testimony to our new Warrior program.

Formerly a Division 1 Defensive Corner back for North Carolina State, will give our youth a chance to learn from a Man who got to experience playing football at an incredible level.

Not only does He bring His talent to our team, but has a great desire to build young boys into Men of Character!

He will train you harder than you ever thought possible (trust me, I know! He takes me to the limit!) He will make you faster and stronger and equip our Youth with fundamental skills in athletics and life!

"I am truly grateful for His willingness to give of Himself and help develop Young Warriors in Life"

DB has influenced  and helped me through some of the most difficult

times and given me a clear and true perspective and most importantly Hope!

Michael Feb. 2018


Randall Cobb Joins 12 Warriors

Randall is what I would call a "Solid" guy who I admire and esteem greatly!. 

Randy is a committed Dad to His 2 children Erin and Brett  and a great Husband to His Wife, Nancy.

This guy is on fire for God and is a great example to follow. He has spent more than a decade teaching the Word of God at His home Church, Gardendale Baptist, and loves it.

He is a Man of great discipline and loves to hit those plates in the Gym and I know He will bring the tough and kind spirit to our Warrior team and lead by example.

"I look forward to meeting my fellow Warriors"

Randy  2018

"Every time I see Randy at the Dal Tile store, He has always had the most uplifting attitude and this is really the primary "Code" to live by as a Warrior. He has the uncanny ability to lift you up!"

Michael 2018



Michael developed the 12 Warrior program as a foundational movement to create a new direction and set a powerful new standard for todays Youth. He believes strong leadership is the key ingredient in order to sucessfully mentor our Youth. He has to recruit a team which will be respected and admired to attract the minds of Young people.

Michael has had a great passion for bodybuilding since the age of 8 years old when He ordered His bodybuilding course from Joe Weider. For the majority of His life, this endeavor was all about Pride. Michael always wanted to look his best in His early years and first stepped on stage in 1993. He currently holds 5 titles but looks back in time and knows these accomplishments were teaching moments in His life and preparing Him for something far more important. His last competition was His proudest moment as He competed on a all natural regimen.

Now in deep reflection, Michael has discovered an exciting new purpose. He now is taking His passion and gifts to change lives by building a team of Men who are movers and shakers.

Michael has 2 boys and they have always admired His ability and determination to train hard.

He believes other young men/boys will see the same in His team allowing for opportunities to influence, motivate and create young teams with a strong ethos (character).

Michael has an incredible, moving and riveting testimony which He plans to share in the very near future.

He calls it “2nd Half” with the tagline…. “He aint done with me yet”.

In part, Michael will share His 1st Half which was full of fumbles, personal fouls, short and long yard penalties, and yes a few touchdowns.

He believes every game is won in the 2nd half and it is important to spend half-time in the locker room to re-evaluate, rest and correct and sometimes change positions.

He knows many people today have lost hope but there is always the 2nd half to change the score and win in this life and beyond!

Michael will be using a athletic platform with the 12 warrior program. He believes it is time for Men to step up to the plate and get in the game if we want to begin to repair the fabric of our Country.

Our team will be from all different backgrounds and possess unique talents, skills and be a influential life coach with a “no quit” attitude.

Michael believes as the model is developed and polished in Birmingham, Alabama, others will carry the torch in other places around the Country and He truly believes this will change our Youth for the better and hopefully change the World.

“ Don’t carry the heavy bag of your past with you, it is exhausting and paralyzing. You can’t change what happend yesterday, but You can be better than you were Yesterday. If you begin to get better every day, the past will be but a very dim light only to remind you of how far you have come.”

MB 2018

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