Developing Your Warrior Within!


Our Mission Statement

Transforming & Equipping Today’s Youth by Example, Challenging Life Instruction, and Rigorous Physical Training, 

to achieve World-

Class Physical Performance, Mental Toughness, & Excellent Character, 

resulting in a Dynamic

Generation of Influential Leaders.

Michael Bourg-Founder

What is this Program?

The program is a 2-part methodology which integrates a rigorous athletic platform with character development instruction and activities. We believe this dual-training regimen will equip today’s youth with a strong foundation to live a life of excellence. We accomplish this objective through progressive physical challenges and right-living disciplines. In other words, each young warrior will experience a “re-set” in their life, and begin to adopt a high set of standards to live by, so they may confidently pursue their dreams and lead by example.

​The Beginning

Michael developed the 12 Warrior program to create a new direction and set a powerful new standard for today's Youth. He believes strong leadership is the key ingredient in order to successfully mentor our Youth. He is currently recruiting a team which will be respected and admired to attract the minds of Young people.

He believes every game is won in the 2nd half and it is important to spend half-time in the locker room to re-evaluate, rest and correct and sometimes change positions.

He knows many people today have lost hope but there is always the 2nd half to change the score and win in this life and beyond!

Michael will be using a challenging, athletic platform with the 12 warrior program. He believes it is time for Men to step up to the plate and get in the game if we want to begin to repair the fabric of our Country by creating new young leaders.

Our team will be from all different backgrounds and possess unique talents, skills and be an influential life coach with a “no quit” attitude.

As the model is developed and polished in Birmingham, Alabama, others will carry the torch in other places around the Country, and He truly believes this will change our Youth for the better and hopefully change the World.

“ Don’t carry the heavy bag of your past with you, it is exhausting and paralyzing. You can’t change what happened yesterday, but You can be better than you were Yesterday. If you begin to get better every day, the past will be but a very dim light, only to remind you of how far you have come.”

MB 2018

Our Plan and Format...

The 12 Warrior Youth Program is built on the “Lion” & “Lamb” theory. We teach and train how each student must have both, a Lion and Lamb’s heart in life and understand how and when each must present itself.

We believe there is a time to be tough, resilient, competitive and determined.

However, there is also time to be patient, kind, humble and giving to others.

Our program is designed to help each student discover their talents, purpose, and passions, and give them the encouragement, constructive challenges, and direction to pursue their dreams.

We will create an environment by example and challenging activities with the following 

12 Pillars…

I. Develop mental toughness, physical stamina and reach an optimal fitness

II. Inspire a willingness to give to to others

III. Encourage the importance of teamwork

IV. Develop Work ethic

V. Leadership initiatives

VI. Create a desire to achieve great Character and live with High standards

VII. Learn and display respect for others

VIII. Parent and Student involvement with the program

IX. Accountability for Academic Performance

X. Example and teach the importance of edification of others

XI. Run the extra mile

XII. Rewards

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"Always train to be better than Yesterday!"

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Strong Body-Strong Mind

Find your passion and build on it!

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Warrior Michael  "Animal"

In an effort to "kick-off" this amazing program, Michael is defining His commitment for 12 Warriors, by training/preparing for the  Mr Alabama Competition.

Previously, Michael was planning on the 2018 competition, but has re-evaluated His progress and will continue to train for the 2019 Show.

"At my age, this will be an incredibly difficult journey, but I know the importance of this program and the changing power it will have!"

"I need to Walk the  Talk!"

MB 2018


Mr. Birmingham 2004

(left pic)

(American Classics)

Mr Tennessee Valley 1993

(right pic)

Mr. Anniston 1993

Masters Champion 2004

(American Classics)

Michael  "The Animal" Bourg  wants to take His passion for Bodybuilding to reach out to anyone in need.  

Our Communities need role models who have great passion and we want to help individuals discover those passions and develop them into  Warriors.

The byname "The Animal" was coined by His Son Harrison and His friends after seeing  Michael train in the Gym!

"At first I didn't know how to take  of that name, but now I see it as a badge of Honor"

My message to everyone  "Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability...and then more!"


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